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Welcome to SMIP Worksheet Library:

You are welcomed to view/download the documents. (.doc or .html format)
You may need to modify the worksheets to better suit your need.

Subject/Grade Topic Author Size Remarks
Math 8 Measurements (3-D) June 23KB  
  Numbers Emek 2K An exercise done on computer
Math 9 Area review Emek 105KB Can be used for Math 8 as well
  Surface Area of a Cone Emek 312KB  
  Measurement review (2-D, 3-D) Emek 69KB  
  Plan and Elevation Emek 48KB more like a drafting exercise
Math 10 Trigonometric ratios of special angles June   (0 to 90 degrees)
  Pythagorean theorem Emek 25KB Don't forget to fill in the right angles and mark equal lengths before photocopying
  Special triangles Emek 28KB same as previous

Math 11

Transformation of Quadratic graphs June 23KB A graphing calculator exercise
Math 12 Degree/Radian Conversion June 20KB  
  Properties of Basic Trigonometric Graphs June 28KB  
  Transformation of Trigonometric graphs June 22KB A graphing calculator exercise
  Trigonometric ratios of special angles June 29KB (0 to 2pi radians)
  Pascal Triangle June 11KB (.htm) My opinion: either ask your students to do a few rows then give them the handout, or first give them the handout then ask them to add a few more rows.
  Graphs of Log/Exponential Functions June 20KB  
  Inverses of Log/Exponential Relations. June 20KB  
Multi-grade Bookmark Assignment June 22KB About mathematicians. Designed for ESLs.
  Triangle Pattern Emek 20KB  
Science 10 Atomic Structure June 35KB  
  Atomic Diagrams   22KB  
  Use of electricity (Activity)   8KB (.html) You may need to get your students to hand in photocopies of users manuals
  Power supply in different countries (Handout)   20KB  
  Current Electricity (Terms)   19KB